Introduce and grow a specialty destination wedding and event planning business.

Why hire a wedding planner?

Control Budget

Review Legal Contracts

Reduce Stress

Manage Time

Fight for your wedding vision

Insider Knowledge

Vendors discount

Day-of Coordination


While wedding planner is only 6% of the wedding cost, but they are the major factors in your wedding success.

247,016 Weddings in 2018

$33,931 Average cost of a wedding

$2,000-$5,000 for full service wedding planner

source: The Knot

Destination weddings are more profitable.

1 in 4 couples decide to have destination weddings.

Destination weddings (36%) are more likely to hire a wedding planner than hometown/local weddings (24%).

Those couples are also willingly to spend more on their weddings, and parents are more willingly to help with the wedding costs.

source: Wedding Wire

Market Insight (State of California)

The wedding industry is make out of more than 2,500 of small to medium business people in California.

Alison Events., one of the leading companies, focuses on full service luxury destination events planning and design. Its clients are adventurous and collaborative.

Bash Please focuses more on luxury wedding design and production. Its clients are visionary and collaborative.


Customized package

One-stop for services

Transparent pricing no markup


Increase awareness

Build domestic and international network

Build social media presents

Partner with vendors and venues

Strengthen industry affiliations



Lack of financial support

Limited resources


Low awareness

New to the industry

Limited network

Small portfolio

Not insured

Brand Positioning

ThEvent is a boutique event planning company that provides turnkey domestic and international destination

wedding planning services.

Competitive Advantage

One-stop shop

Customized package

Wide selections of vendors

Exclusive client dashboard

Wedding dress rental



Appeal to brides’ imagination and fantasy about the romance of a destination wedding.

Target Audience

Primary Target Audience

Male and Female

Age 26-45

Millennials that are engaged and in the process of wedding planning.

Secondary Target Audience

Engaged Couples’ Parents

Age 45-60

Parents that are helping couples with their wedding planning.

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