People usually grab a cup of coffee and go.

They rush from home to work, and work to home. It is hard for them to sit down and just enjoy a cup of coffee and relax themselves physically and mentally.

People need to take a break and relax at some point, even superman would appreciate taking a time out.

Coffee is not just a drink; it is also an art.

Starbucks is not just a coffee shop; it is an experience store.

Strategy by Tina Kao


Taste the Art

The first campaign for Starbucks Reserve, we bring attention to the tasteful journey of premium coffee by describing and illustrating what it tastes like..

PR headline

“For those who wake up for coffee, not the other way around.”

Besides three print ads, social media Call to Action, and a short motion graphic.

There will be a pop up Starbucks Reserve Bar at the airport to give people a taste of their destinations before the actual flight.


Coffee is the expression of our passion for the craft.

  1. Have a cup of FREE premium coffee

  2. Grab a marker

  3. Let your taste buds draw the lines

Love over Coffee

The second campaign for Starbucks Reserve will partner with Tinder to get matches to meet for coffee as their first date.

  • Introducing the "Meet over Coffee" button.

  • Spread the love over instagram.

  • Love over Coffee Collateral​

PR headline

“Something is brewing in the dating scene with Starbucks Reserve.”